We don't go to Church, we ARE the Church

Many of us were taught to ‘go to church’, but what the Holy Spirit is teaching us today is to ’be the church’ - a living expression of the life and ministry of Jesus that not only meets in celebration on Sunday, but gathers in homes throughout the week. We are a church family and just like any other family we enjoy meeting both at church and in each other’s homes. We do this socially or via our Small Groups. We want each person to count, not just be a statistic. We encourage each person to be in a small group to enable this kind of life to develop as we learn to love and care for one another.



We are a Christian Church who join each week to share life together. We seek to encourage others through our life and hope to further the Kingdom of God through our words, our actions and our lives.



We are an intergenerational church, and place importance on our young members, from our toddlers through to our teens. We place pride in the journey our elder generation have made with Christ and learn from their living wisdom. We unite as one family together and grow stronger each week.



We are a Baptist church and we uphold the values that Baptist churches around Aotearoa, New Zealand follow. We believe in the power of baptism, and the life changing commitment to Jesus Christ this public commitment has.



Need More?

We would love for you to get to know us more. Come along to one of our services on Sunday morning, or drop us an email at our Contact page.