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Title Speaker Date
Excuses Andy Aldridge 2019-08-18
Take Up Your Cross Royce Goldsworthy 2019-08-11
Holiness is Relational Guest Speaker 2019-08-04
Responding Wisely To Suffering Phil Fairbrass 2019-07-28
How Can a Loving God Permit Suffering? Phil Fairbrass 2019-07-20
Let Your Light Shine Royce Goldsworthy 2019-07-14
God is good Royce Goldsworthy 2019-07-07
Power Royce Goldsworthy 2019-05-26
CAP and Kaibosh (Bonita) Guest Speaker 2019-05-18
Th Secret Of Contentment Royce Goldsworthy 2019-05-12
Communion and Baptism Andy Aldridge 2019-05-05
Responding to Marks Gospel Phil Fairbrass 2019-04-27
Why Have You Forsaken Me? Royce Goldsworthy 2019-04-20
Own It Andy Aldridge 2019-04-14
Asleep in the Light Fiona Beals 2019-04-06
Tolerating Difference Royce Goldsworthy 2019-03-31
Are You Ready Sue Wayman 2019-03-24
Questions, Answers & Attitudes Cecily Archer 2019-03-17
Absolute Freedom Royce Goldsworthy 2019-03-10
The mountain has been moved Anthea Fairbrass 2019-03-03