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Title Speaker Date Series
God's way or our way? Andy Aldridge 2021-05-23
True Identity Royce Goldsworthy 2021-05-16
Pursue Identity Royce Goldsworthy 2021-05-09
Compelled by Compassion Royce Goldsworthy 2021-05-02
Challenged by Compassion Royce Goldsworthy 2021-04-25
Caught by Compassion Royce Goldsworthy 2021-04-18
His mission is now our mission Royce Goldsworthy 2021-04-10
Why are you crying? Royce Goldsworthy 2021-04-04
God's Pleasure Royce Goldsworthy 2021-03-28 Galatians
Galatians 6_1 Anthea Fairbrass 2021-03-21 Galatians
What's your Fruit Daniel Crisp 2021-03-14 Galatians
Free as a Slave Phil Fairbrass 2021-03-07 Galatians
In Christ In Freedom Mark Williams 2021-02-27 Galatians
From Foolish to Faithfull Phil Fairbrass 2021-02-21 Galatians
Dirty Chopping Board Daniel Crisp 2021-02-14 Galatians
Bringing fake news into the gospel Fiona Beals 2021-02-07 Galatians
Never Give Up Andy Aldridge 2021-01-31 Galatians
Radical Togetherness Fiona Beals 2021-01-24 Together
Pslam 95 Worship with Warning Anthea Fairbrass 2021-01-17 Together
Sacrifice and the Service of the Saints Phil Fairbrass 2021-01-10 Together